Lasercutting FinnPower L6

An investment to CNC laser cutting machine was made in 2011. FinnPower  L6 enables to cut metal sheets with maximum dimensions of 3074x1565 mm and maximum weight 3000 kg.

It is efficient tool which allows to cut thicker material with very high precision and quality.

Maximum cutting thicknesses for different materials:

Sheet metal- 0,5-25 mm
Stainless steel- 0,5-12 mm
Aluminium- 0,5mm-8mm



Sheet metal punching centre SG 8

Additional investment in 2011 was made for CNC puncing centre which is especially efficient machine for large quantities of lower thickness sheet material processing. It can cut sheet metal  with thickness up to 8 mm.

Maximum sheet size that fits working board is 4300x1565 mm and maximum sheet  weight is 200 kg. 




Bending centre XXL-CENTER RAS 75.04

The most innovative technology in bending  that enables to bend sheet metal items up to 4240 mm with 3x more efficient way than with previous methods, thus  providing significant cost savings.

Maximum sheet thickness to be bended is 1,5 mm for sheet metal, 1mm for stainless steel and 2 mm for aluminium. 


Servo electric bending machine FinnPower E200-4100

Enables to bend thicker material. Maximum bend length 4100 mm.Press capacity is 200 T. 


Additional sheet metal bending possibilities:

Hydraulic bending machine Amada HFT 130/3 – Press capacity 130 T, bending length maximum 3100 mm.
Amada HFT 50/1,2 – Press capacity 50 T, bending lenth maximum 1200 mm.
HACO PPM 30135- Press capacity 100T, bending length maximum 3100 mm.


Bending machine APK-81.

Possibility to bend different profile materials e.g  square tubes, rectangular tubes, angle profiles.



MACC Special 700 DI band saw for metal

High-efficient semi-automatic saw with excellent cutting precision for cutting average- and large size profiles.

Technical specifications:

Maximum profile size: 700x500 mm
Engine power: 4 kW
Cutting precision: 1,5 mm
Cutting angle: maximum 45° to the right, 60° to the left.